Bushcraft Survival
  • Duration: 1hr 33mins 52s
  • Author: E Eastman
  • Narrator: E Eastman
  • Edition: 2014
  • Size: 65.5 MB

Bushcraft Survival

This Bushcraft Survival guide audiobook talks you through, step by step, what to do in an emergency or survival situation if you find yourself stuck in a woodland environment in temperate conditions.

For quick navigation, the survival audiobook is in survival priority order. You can quickly skip to the chapter which best fits your situation. As the audiobook plays there will be prompts to act upon and there are spaces of a few seconds in the commentary to allow you to complete tasks. The audio will then carry on, but you can pause it and restart it at any time.

Chapters and content covered:

First Aid:    
        The recovery position – needed for unconscious casualties 
        Treating bleeding
        Treating burns and scalds
        Treating shock
        Treating fractures and breaks
        Treating hypothermia
        Treating eye injuries
        Treating bites and stings
        Moving a casualty

        Analysing your resources
        Calling the International Emergency Number
        Attracting attention
        Using Morse Code to signal for help

        Reinforce a temporary shelter
        Using natural shelter
        Create a debris shelter
        Create a lean-to shelter
        Create an A-frame shelter
        Create ground-to-air markers

        Prepare to move
        When to stop
        Route finding
        Calculating distance
        Navigational aids
        Hiking skills
        River crossings

        Fire by friction – using bow drill
        Constructing a fire
        Collecting fresh water 
        Making a water filter
        Conserving body fluid
        Trapping: small mammals and birds
        Hunting: spear, bola, club, slingshot 
        Fishing: hooks, nets, traps and harpoons
        Gathering: universal edibility test
        Cooking: methods, preparing deer, rabbits, birds and fish        

Camp craft:    
        Cutting tools: knives, saws and axes
        Making cordage; using stinging nettles
        Making and using a raft
        Making signal fires
        Hygiene; how to stay clean

        How to stay positive, optimistic and increase your chances of survival


Did you know?
- Temperate woodland covers 5% of the world’s surface

Survival timeline
Day 1: Shelter should be found to avoid exposure
Day 3: Constant fresh water supply needed 
Week 3: Constant food source needed

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