Real Time Survival Audiobooks

When you travel, you may have an emergency plan of action, a guide book or specialist kit ready to use. But when a situation unexpectedly arises, it is unlikely that you will have access to those resources.

What you will have access to is what you always have with you – your phone, mp3 player, tablet, e-reader or laptop. And that’s exactly where you can keep the new Adventurist Real-Time Survival Audiobooks.

These survival audiobooks can be easily downloaded to a mobile device, ensuring that if you do experience an emergency or survival situation, you will know what to do to stay alive.

You may not be visiting the world’s most dangerous environments on your holidays, but you may be flying over them or sailing around them.

With the Adventurist survival audiobooks, you simply download and go. You don’t need to listen beforehand, you don’t need to study any books.

You simply play, listen and apply the real-time advice to the situation you find yourself in. The calming, relevant and useful information is structured to allow you to work with your hands and to accomplish tasks while listening – not easy if you were to study the same information from a book or on screen from an app.

A survival audiobook is also a great gift for family members off on their gap year adventures or first time school excursions abroad. It’s also suitable for those working abroad in unfamiliar places, or those who work in remote regions across the globe.

Once downloaded, you don’t need any phone signal or internet connection, so you’ll always have your personal expert guide with you – whichever end of the world you end up in.