About Adventurist

Hi, my name is Eddie and I’m the founder of Adventurist. I used to be a professional Bushcraft Survival Instructor Unit Leader at one of the UK’s largest Bushcraft survival companies, and I have taught outdoor survival skills to people all across the UK.

But the vast majority of people who travel and who venture into the wild haven’t been on a survival skills course.

I launched Adventurist to make those same survival skills available to more people, in more easily accessible ways, so when they venture into the wild or find themselves unexpectedly in trouble far from civilization, they will be equipped to survive.

The problem

Who wants to read a whole survival guide or emergency book before they travel? Well, I have asked that question to a lot of the world’s top travel bloggers and the majority say... NOT ME!

The challenge

If you like to travel the world, you may not be visiting the world’s most dangerous environments on your holiday, but you may be flying over them or sailing around them. Or you may go on trips far from the nearest road or town.

Either way, at some time, despite your best planning, something may go wrong. Would you know what to do if you accidentally ended up in a dangerous or remote environment with possible casualties unexpectedly? Unfortunately, like most people you may answer... no.

Most people don’t have the access, the time or the finances to get outdoor skills training.

The solution

Before devising these audiobooks, I have seen first hand, 5000m high in the Himalayas, how a situation can go from bad to worse in no time at all.

Travel can be unpredictable. We all know this. It is fitting that Adventurist Ltd was born in the Scottish Highlands where the weather can display four seasons in a day. It is the uncertainty of these extraordinary places which means you must rely on yourself to be prepared.

When you travel, you may have a survival kit, a guide book or emergency plan ready to use but when a situation unexpectedly arises, it is unlikely that you will have time to access those resources.

But what you will have access to is what you carry on your person at all times – your phone, mp3 player, tablet, e-reader or laptop. Our audiobooks can be simply downloaded to these devices – so you take critical survival information with you wherever you go.

How it works

Simply download and go. You don’t need to listen beforehand, you don’t need to study any books.

If you need help in a given situation, you simply play, listen and follow the real-time advice, simply applying it to the situation you find yourself in.

The calming, relevant and useful information is structured to allow you to work with your hands and to accomplish tasks whilst listening, which is not easy if you were to study the same information from a book or on screen from an app.

Once downloaded, you don’t need any phone signal or internet connection, so you’ll always have your personal rescue service with you – whichever end of the world you end up in.

Thus ensuring that if you experience an emergency or survival situation, you know what to do to help you, your friends and your family stay alive.

You never know when you’re going to need a survival audiobook. So when you travel, it makes sense to take one with you. Buy your audiobook now.


Travel safe,



Founder, Adventurist Ltd

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