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The information included in Adventurist survival audiobooks acts as a guide in a medical or survival situation. The information provided is to be used at the users own risk. The company, Adventurist Ltd, and any persons involved do not take any responsibility or liability for the direct or indirect use or misuse of the information provided. The company, Adventurist Ltd, and any persons involved do not take any responsibility for any prosecutions or proceedings brought or created by or for any person or company through using the techniques mentioned in Adventurist audiobooks. 

Users should be made aware of the legal parameters of their country of residence or travel before practicing any of the techniques as described in Adventurist audiobooks. Many survival techniques are a matter of opinion and often survival experts would have conflicting opinions for certain emergency situations. Adventurist survival audiobooks have been created using professional personal knowledge and personal experience. In some cases, the information provided may be incomplete and there is no substitute for relying on an expert in the wilderness or on your travels. 

The advice given provides what some people think should be done in reaction to certain medical and survival scenarios and should therefore be taken as advice and not absolute instruction. 

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